Springwell Running Club - Press Release – 7th January 2018


Race Over The Glens

The time honoured start to any local runner’s year is the popular ‘Race Over The Glens’ hosted by Ballymena Runners in Glenariff Forest Park on New Year’s Day. This was the 23rd annual running of the event which, with the reopening of the storm damaged paths saw a return to the traditional 5.2 mile course, taking in both sides of Glenariff Glen.

The squally showers and cold biting wind, which occasionally had the waterfall flowing upwards did nothing to deter almost 300 runners turning out for this well organised event.

With everyone hoping to start 2018 with the right result it was the 2017 Champion Zak Hanna (Newcastle AC) who would claim top honours, winning in a time of 32.11. Mark McKinstry (North Belfast Harriers) was once again second, finishing in 32.15 with Timmy Johnston (Mourne Runners) completing the podium in 33.07.

In the ladies race it was the host clubs Gillian Wasson (Ballymena Runners) who produced an excellent performance to win in 39.38. Last year’s winner, Shileen O’Kane (Lagan Valley AC) was second with a time of 40.19 with Jana Ross (County Antrim Harriers) third in 41.20.

Springwell RC’s Alister Jamison, Barry Mullan, Thomas Moore, Maurice Walker and Alex Brennan at the Race Over The Glens

Springwell RC’s Alister Jamison, Barry Mullan, Thomas Moore, Maurice Walker and Alex Brennan at the Race Over The Glens


Springwell RC was represented by a number of members but it was Alex Brennan who led the club home finishing 9th in 34.54 to win the M40 age category.

Springwell RC Results - 9th Alex Brennan 34.54 (1st M40), 20th Barry Mullan 37.09, 24th Alister Jamison 37.57, 47th Maurice Walker 40.15, 59th Thomas Moore 41.54, 96th Richard Baker 45.37, 110th Jean Claude Bourgeois 47.09, 111th David McGaffin 47.12, 195th Paul Dornan 54.11, 245th Debbie Tutty 1.00.19, 276th Rebecca Clarke 1.09.34, 281st David Patterson 1.11.41, 282nd Jennifer Patterson 1.11.41

IAAF Antrim International XC

The CAFRE Greenmount Campus on Saturday 6th January was the venue for the 41st annual running of the Antrim International Cross Country. The IAAF permitted event, hosted by Athletics Northern Ireland and supported by Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council, also incorporated the British Cross Challenge and the Celtic International XC.

The men’s 7.2km, four lap race was decided by a sprint finish and a dip on the line which saw IAAF World Championships 2017 silver medallist and Diamond League Trophy winner Timothy Cheruiyot (Kenya) edge out Mogos Tuemay (Ethiopia) to win. Both men recorded a time of 23.12.  Olympian Soufiane Elbakkali (Morocco) completed the men’s podium in 23.32.

Springwell RC’s Neil Johnston in NIR colours at the IAAF Cross Country in Antrim

Springwell RC’s Neil Johnston in NIR colours at the IAAF Cross Country in Antrim


Wearing an international vest it was Neil Johnston (Springwell RC) who led the Northern Ireland team home, finishing 17th in 25.28.

The lady’s 5.4km, three lap race was also a closely contested affair with double European XC Champion Fionnuala McCormack setting the early pace. Fotyen Tesfay (Ethiopia) dominated for the rest of the race before Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi (Kenya) came through, holding off the fast finishing Tesfay to win in 19.55.  Tesfay finished second in 19.56 and Bontu Edao Rebitu, who has represented Bahrain at the World XC Championships, took third place in 19.59.

Springwell RC’s Bridgeen Canning, Annita McCullagh, Lynne Young, Meabh Close, Fran McFadden, and Deborah Gilliland

Springwell RC’s Bridgeen Canning, Annita McCullagh, Lynne Young, Meabh Close, Fran McFadden, and Deborah Gilliland


Springwell RC were well represented at the event with Neil Johnston, Luke Dinsmore and Niamh Carr all earning representative honours

Springwell RC Results

Senior Mens - 17th Neil Johnston (NIR) 25.28, 38th Luke Dinsmore (NIR) 26.57, 65th Paul Thompson 29.36, 79th Barry Mullan 31.01, 80th Alister Jamison 31.21, 86th Dale Corbett 31.52, 97th Raymond McCann 32.46, 104th Maurice Walker 33.13, 106th Aaron Craig 33.21, 110th Bryan Edgar 33.29, 113th Andy Dowey 33.46, 121st James Stewart 34.06, 124th Ross Armstrong 34.10, 129th Jeff Young 34.31, 138th David McGaffin 35.12, 145th Thomas Moore 35.32, 156th Peter Jack 36.34, 165th Nigel Armstrong 37.33, 166th Will Colvin 37.44, 175th Aidan Devine 39.15, 177th Stephen Fillis 39.53, 178th Jason Antrobus 40.03, 185th Paul Dornan 43.07, 187th Shane Elder 43.46, 191st James Evans 45.07, 192nd Fergal Mackle 50.00

Senior Ladies - 53rd Deborah Gilliland 25.19, 59th Fran McFadden 26.54, 65th Meabh Close 27.42, 82nd Lynne Young 30.25, 102nd Annita McCullagh 32.05, 108th Bridgeen Canning 33.16

Ladies U20 - 18th Niamh Carr (NIR) 16.19

Mens U17 - 44th Andrew Gordon 22.53

Ladies U17 - 38th Hermione Skuce 15.59

Boys U15 - 6th Matthew Beveridge

Boys U13 - 32nd Patrick Fell 8.07

Girls U13 - 21st Niamh McGarry 8.24, 28th Sophia Coyle 8.41, 37th Poppy Given 8.52, 44th Molly Blee 9.21

Run Forest Run

Race 4 of event Management Company, Born 2 Run’s ‘Run Forest Run’ series took place on Saturday 6th January with 5k and 10k races in Tollymore Forest Park. Springwell RC had three members at the event. In the 5k Stacey Montgomery finished 209th in 44.32 while in the 10k Janet Patrick was 259th in a time of 55.20 and Andrew Kincaid 281st in 55.55.


New Years Day is that special day in the Parkrunners calendar. Not only is it an extra Parkrunning day but, if they can get the logistics correct, they can do two Parkruns on the same day. That’s how 45 Springwell RC members managed to complete 50 Parkruns at seven different venues with two personal bests recorded.

Ormeau - Rosanna Jack 27.38

Waterworks - Andrew Kincaid 26.56, Janet Patrick 27.00

Portrush - James Stewart 19.52, Bryan Edgar 20.05, Raymond McCann 20.10 PB, Karen Mclaughlin 20.35, David McGaffin 21.01, Mervyn Thompson 22.24, Martin Smith 23.31, Jude Moore 24.05, Paul Moore 24.07, Pamela Howe 24.56, Noel McAllister 25.03, Philip Crawford 25.11, Patricia Craig 25.45, Carolyn Crawford 25.59, Alanna Millar 26.11, Sharon Bingham 26.36, Lynn Montgomery 26.57, Paula McNicholl 27.30, Grainne Moore 27.34, Fergal Mackle 27.37, Margaret Kearney 28.29 PB, Margaret Edgar 28.34, Will McCollum 29.43, Catherine Byers 30.22, Roisin Walker 30.29, Caitriona Mackle 30.32, Karen Smith 30.38, Bob McLaughlin 31.00, Elaine Montgomery 31.24, Amanda Scott 31.40, Amy Dobson 32.57, Rhona Laverty 33.4, Lorraine Abernethy 36.00, Eimear Quinn 36.01, Victoria Smyth 37.44, Kenneth Bacon 38.01, Toni Donnelly 38.07, Fiona Walls 38.13, Emer Thompson 50.25

Antrim - Jonno Johnson 27.09, Noel McAllister 28.34, Andrew Wilmot 29.13

Castlewellan - Kay Hack 26.51

Valley - Jonno Johnson 27.14, Andrew Wilmot 29.15

Stormont - Andrew Kincaid 26.40, Janet Patrick 26.40

Saturday 6th January saw 55 Springwell RC members complete Parkruns at seven venues with one personal best recorded.

Ecos - Noel McAllister 24.42

Queens - Alistair Shaw 19.27

Portrush - Karen McLaughlin 22.39, Adam Pollock 24.20, Mervyn Thompson 24.37, Ailbhe Kendall 25.26, Jude Moore 25.50, Kay Hack 27.18, Alanna Millar 27.43, Sylvia Pollock 29.08, Patricia Craig 29.28, Ali McAllister 29.29, Andrew Wilson 29.35, Donna Costello 30.34, Debbie Tutty 30.42, Andrew Wilmot 31.15, Deborah Archibald 31.39, Bob McLaughlin 31.47, Catherine Byers 32.03, Roisin Walker 32.15, Emma Birrell 32.30, Caitriona Mackle 33.26, Fergal Mackle 33.27, Camilla Long 33.53, Judith McLaughlin 34.09, Elaine Montgomery 34.14, Deborah Purdy 37.41, Kenneth Bacon 38.28, Abi Smyth 44.30, Stephen Smyth 44.33, Emer Thompson 45.33, Hannah Smyth 47.00, Victoria Smyth 47.02, Gary Kendall 57.50

Ormeau - Rosanna Jack 26.55

Castlewellan - Andrew Kincaid 25.53, Janet Patrick 26.12

Limavady - Martin Smith 23.11, Ciara McSherry 23.23, David Gault 23.56, Ryan Gray 24.10, Charlotte Conerney 24.15, Roy Buchanan 24.20, Julie Corbett 28.47, Martina Wade 28.58, Michelle McElhinney 30.31, David McCool 30.32, Bridgeen Duddy 31.45, Lorraine Mullan 31.47, Karen Robinson 32.41, Jackie Stevenson 36.49 PB, Heather McLaughlin 37.21

Lower Drummans - Richard Wilson 23.04, Pamela Howe 25.11, Fiona Walls 45.59





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