Start your journey with Springwell Running Club!

Joining a running club is a good idea, whether you are a beginner or have been running for years. Running with people makes the whole experience a lot more enjoyable - you can compare notes and keep each other going. The benefits of running with a club include:                        

  • you have company and it makes running a lot more easier.
  • if you want to improve you can be given tips, do structured training sessions and be encouraged to run faster by those who have experience.
  • you are motivated to go out for a run because you are with other people.
  • you will make a new group of friends who understand all the joys and problems of being a runner!
  • racing becomes a much more enjoyable experience as part of a club with your clubmates there to support and encourage you. 

You will find that our club members are very supportive of a new runner and we attempt to cater for all abilities.

Springwell currently has 160+ members ranging in age from our hugely enthusiastic juniors to our ever-youthful president, Mr James Reid MBE, a gold medallist in the GB and Ireland cross country championship at the age of 70!

Springwell club members take part in running all types of distances from 5km road races to marathons and even ultra-marathons and all different types of running including cross country, mountain races and multi-sport events.

If you are interested in joining us, please come along to one of our training sessions or contact one of the club officers through our online form. There is no obligation to join the club until you have been to a few training sessions to see if you like it but if you do wish to join, membership is £20 a year for adults, £15 for students and juniors (under 16) and £55 for family membership. Membership forms are below.